Classes in Warhammer: Chaosbane is the playable characters in the game. Each Class consists of its unique Skills, Abilities, Stats, and Equipment that players can discover throughout the game. Currently, there are four Classes that have been revealed which is Konrad Vollen, the Imperial Soldier, Elontir, the High-elf Mage, Bragi Axrbiter, the Dwarf Slayer and Elessa the Wood-elf Scout.


Warhammer Chaosbane Classes


Imperial Soldier

"Konrad Vollen, the Scarred, is a veteran of the mighty armies of the Empire and has known only war. Cynical and contemptuous, he is unrivaled in the art of combat."



High-elf Mage

"The High-elf Prince Elontir was exiled from Ulthuan and now travels the Old World in search of redemption. Proud and arrogant, he has become a master in the magical arts."




 "A slayer lives - and dies - for glory and redemption. Honourable and fiierce, Bragi Axebiter never shies away from a fight with the most dangerous enemies he encounters."



Wood-elf Scout

"Elessa is a young Wood Elf from Athel Loren but now roams the Old World in search of adventure. Fiery and fearless, she hunts her enemies in the shadows like a vengeful spirit."

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