Warhammer Chaosbane Walkthrough will consist of a detailed guide of all the available areas in the game, as well as recommended approaches towards various aspects of the game such as NPCs, Quests, and other activities in the game.


Warhammer Chaosbane Walkthrough

There are four classes in Warhammer Chaosbane, each has their unique set of skills and equipment. See the individual Classes page for more detailed information. The choice of the class does not affect the game progress route, only slightly altered the dialogue.

Chapter I

Follow the quest mark and find Magnus(the minimap on top right show where you need to go), kill the enemies on your way. Once you gained skill points, use it to purchase new skills, and equip them.

Speak to the soldier on your way, loot the chest nearby, and enter the tower. After more chaos creature slew, you find Magnus in the throne room.

After the cutscene, the High-elf mage Teclis will give you more quests to track the chaos creatures. Enter the new maps, and complete the quests given by Teclis. (Most of these maps are one-time only, so dont leave anything of value behind. You can sell the unused items/equipment for reputation)

 One of the quests, save prisoners need to be done in a limited amount of time, so get yourself ready before start it. You will later encounter the Cultist Leader mini-boss, who has high melee damage but move slowly. Clear the minions first then focus the boss in order not to get overwhelmed.

The quest The Eye of Argoth requires you to face a giant chaos creature at cultist's shrine, which has powerful AoE skills but moves very slowly. Keep dodging its attacks, and you can kill it easily. Afterward, you can unlock the God Skill Trees.

Mini-Boss Jabberslythe has similar AoE skills with the chaos creature you encountered at cultist' shrine, keep your distance, dodge the attacks, and finish it.

When you reached Kessler's lair, you will faceThe Great Unclean One, a Nurgle's favorite.  This boss does not move during the combat, instead, it uses powerful Aoe skills. Feel safe to engage melee attack with the boss, just remember to dodge its giant blade and puke attack. The Great Unclean One also summons other chaos creatures to distract you, eliminate them ASAP then back on the boss itself.  After the mission, you will be transported to Praag for new quests.



Chapter II


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