Caledor Mage


 The mountainous kingdom of Caledor is home to Ulthuan's mighty dragons. The mages of the great Dragon Princes embody the might and splendour of these terrible creatures.

Caledor Mage is a Class Set for the High-elf Mage in Warhammer: Chaosbane. This set has 5 pieces and can only be equipped by the High-elf Mage.



Caledor Mage Information

  • Required Level:
  • Number of Pieces: 5
  • Set Bonuses:
    • Set Bonus 1
    • Set Bonus 2
    • Set Bonus 3


Where to find Caledor Mage

  • ??
  • ??


Caledor Mage Pieces

  • _Icon_ Caledor Mage Diadem
  • _Icon_ Caledor Mage Bracers
  • _Icon_ Caledor Mage Tunic
  • _Icon_ Caledor Mage Trousers
  • _Icon_ Caledor Mage Boots


Caledor Mage Notes & Tips

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  • Other notes...






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