Ungor is one of the Enemies in Warhammer: Chaosbane.

Enemies in Warhammer: Chaosbane comes in all shapes and sizes, from cultists of chaos gods like Nurgle, to all kinds rebels of the empire. Luckily, you have a vast variety of skills to combat all threats to the empire. 

To learn more about the background story of the Warhammer universe, please check our Lore page.



Ungor information

  • Description: ??
  • Weakness: ??
  • Strategy:??
  • Drop: ??



Ungor location

  • Ungor first appears in 



Notes and Tips

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  • ??


Ungor Lores & Background Story

  • Ungors, which means “not-quite-right Gors”, “other Gors” or "no Horns" are not as strong, tough, intelligent or robust of the frame as the Gors, but they more than makeup for it in sheer malevolence. Ungors are equal in size to men, and typically feature the hooves of a goat yet possess a human-shaped face. They are physically smaller than other Beastmen and their horns are less impressive and less numerous.

  • Within the violent hierarchy of the Beastmen tribes, the Ungors are an apathetic and lowly breed that stands among the lowest classes of Beastmen society, only surpassed by the unlucky Turnskins and Brays. They serve as workers, foot soldiers, and resentful victims to the brutish whims and bullying of their larger brethren. Due to this, they can never truly occupy the higher echelons of their tribe, and are forever forced to live a life of poverty and suffering, a miserable state that is low for even the foulest Beastmen.



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