Solland's Fate Great Helm





+XX Armour
+XX Maximum Health
+XX% Cost Reduction
+XX Counter-Attack Damage
+XX% Loot Quality



Solland's Fate Great Helm is an Armor in Warhammer: Chaosbane. Armor in Warhammer: Chaos Bane is protective equipment worn by player characters and NPCs. You can donate your armors and weapons to gain Collectors' Guild Reputation. 


This ancient suit of armour was worn by ELdred, the last Elector Count of Solland, at the fateful battle of Solland's Crown in 1707 IC. Now known as Solland's Fate, legend claims the armour is cursed.


Solland's Fate Great Helm Information

  • Set Bonus: Solland's Ghost
    Each successful block has a chance to reduce all cooldowns. The Taunt skill is improved and no longer requires skill points to equip.
  • Only drop after completing the main game


Solland's Fate Great Helm Requirements



Solland's Fate Great Helm Notes/Tips

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