Location Nuln
Chapter Prologue
Next Quest Descent Into Darkness 
Previous Quest None

1,000 Exp Points 

100 Gold Crowns

Prologue is a Quest in Warhammer: Chaosbane. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Teclis



Prologue Objectives Leave the Dormitory

  • Enter the Tower
  • Kill Enemies
  • Use your potion
  • !   Speak to the Soldier  
  • Take items from the chest
  • Kill enemies
  • Use "Archtype" Power 
  • Get to the Throne Room
  • !   Speak to Teclis in his chambers
  • Enter the Sewers
  • Expore the sewers tunnels



Prologue Walkthrough




Detailed walkthrough goes here.


  1. Leave the Dormitory and kill the monsters on  the way to the tower.
  2. Upstairs, in the Throne Room there's a chest with armor in it
  3.   !   Go up the stairs and talk to Teclis to start Prologue Quest.
  4. Go down into the sewers and explore them.  
  5. Clear sewers of monsters.
  6. Make sure to grab all 5 Armor Chests in Sewer before leaving sewers
  7.  !   Retrurn to Teclis.



Tips & Tricks

  • Chests (5)  1>  Throne Room     2-5> Sewer
  • ???

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