Grimnir's Herald


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Grimnir's Herald is a Class Set for the Slayer in Warhammer: Chaosbane. This set has 5 pieces and can only be equipped by the Slayer.



Grimnir's Herald Information

  • Level Range: ?? ~ ??
  • Number of Pieces: 5
  • Grimnir's Herald
    • Grants a fiery aura that deals more damage the lower the player's health. All damage from fire skills is increased. The Call to Oath skill is improved and no longer requires skill points to equip.


How to Farm Grimnir's Herald

  • Tips and tricks on how to find this set
  • ??


Grimnir's Herald Pieces

  • _Icon_ Helm Piece
  • _Icon_ Bracers Piece
  • Grimnir's Tattoos
  • _Icon_ Legs Piece
  • _Icon_ Shoes Piece


Grimnir's Herald Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes...






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